Why is Coinbase taking so long?

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Hi all. I’m new to Crypto in a sense that I’m actually looking to buy Litecoins, but I’ve been watching from the sidelines of bitcoin for a few years. I recently setup a Coinbase account. It took 3 days for Coinbase to verify my bank account and credentials. I transferred $4500 to my Coinbase wallet so that I could move it to GDAX later and buy some Litecoin. It’s now been almost 10 days since I transferred the money, and 7 days since the money has been sitting on “pending” in coinbase. My bank has already transferred the money and I can see that on my statement. I’ve now lost out in almost 2K in profit (even though I’ll HODL the coin) because Coinbase hasn’t cleared my funds. Their support has not responded to the ticket I put in either. I feel pretty annoyed. I’ve verified all my information and sent my money to an exchange, and I can’t even spend it! Seeing Litecoin jump from $65 a coin to $105 a coin while I’m left on the sidelines sucks big time. Is Coinbase normally this terrible? I realize they got a big number of new customers over thanksgiving (including me), but if the same thing is happening to others as is to me, then I’m sure there’s plenty of frustrated people who feel the same. Is there a better exchange to move to, or am I shit out of luck?